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  • Il sapore della terra
  • Porpora
  • Meeting with Marilisa Murgia

Festival Mente Locale 2022 – 1st Preview Day

1st Preview Day of the 9th edition of Mente Locale – Visioni sul territorio, a festival born and raised in the territories of Bologna and Modena dedicated to the discovery of the many ways of describing a territory with documentary cinema language, in collaboration with Mab Teatro Movied’Ittiri, Fondazione di Sardegna and Sardegna Film Commission.


Scheduled screenings

Il sapore della terra by Giulio Filippo Giunti – 56’ – Italy 2021
A mosaic of voices and places that reflects the slow pace of the land’s work over the seasons and the charm of a centuries-old culture guarded in the shadow of majestic castles.

Porpora by Roberto Cannavò – 60’ – Italy 2021
The battles of ’77, the crazy Roman nights, political commitment. On a road trip, the leader of the trans movement, Porpora Marcasciano, relives her political and humanistic education alongside Vittorio, a witness from a new generation. The journey towards her southern hometown is an exploration to discover the effects of that period on the present, between intimate stories and encounters with historical figures from the trans movement and the “femminielli” community of Naples.

At the end of the screenings, meeting with the producer Marilisa Murgia


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Free admission




Via XXV Luglio, 59, 07044 Ittiri SS