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  • 8.30 PM: Di visi di pietra memorie
  • 8.40 PM: Guang Rong
  • 8.50 PM: Il registratore
  • 10.00 PM: Wine tasting

Screening of movies of the International Competition – 11th May

Third day of movies screening of the International Competion of Mente Locale film festival 10th edition, and wine tasting “Un vino al giorno”.


Screening schedule:

Di visi di pietra memorie by Andrea Bordoli – 8’40’’ – Switerland 2022

Regional Preview

A short piece exploring a specific site and its geological and human memories. Combining documentary and fictional storytelling, it recounts the story of the disappearance of workers during the construction of a dam on a toxic water basin located somewhere in the Swiss Alps.


Guang Rong by Simone Setzi – 10’ – Italy 2023

Regional Preview

Genoa 2023. The port of Genoa needs space and grows towards the sea. The Pilot, skilled maneuverer and guardian of the port waters, leads the arrivals and departures of the boats like an orchestra conductor, while the landing of a cargo ship called Guang Rong is imminent. The construction site looks like a distant planet…


Il registratore – Le magnétophone by Noémi Aubry – 68’ – France/Italy 2021

Regional Preview

In 1952 Angelo emigrated from Italy to France for work, followed the following year by his wife and daughter. When they return to Italy, to Vo’ Euganeo, to visit relatives, they use to bring with them a cassette recorder that contains stories, songs and news. Starting from those tapes, the film reconstructs the family memory, connecting three generations of women.


Ticket price:
Free admission




Via Tavoni, 958, 41056 Savignano Sul Panaro MO