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  • 20.30: The face of a city
  • 20.45: Perpetual becoming
  • 21.00: The Upland Sergeant

Screenings of friday november 18th 2022

Scheduled screenings of the third day of the 9th edition of Mente Locale – Visioni sul territorio, the first italian festival dedicated to the discovery of the many ways of describing a territory with documentary cinema language


From 8.30 pm

The face of a city by Farhad Pakdel – 10’57’’ – Canada 2021

Italian Preview

The stories of four Iranian families who emigrate to Canada and the city they leave behind. As the moment of departure approaches, the spaces of sociality are transformed into places of memory, starting to fade into the distance.


Perpetual becoming by Bill Kinder – 9’50’’ – Usa 2022

Italian Preview

Can a film create a state of devotional meditation? “Hear the voice of being …” in the Sierra Nevada. An enchanting electronic score immerses the viewer on a journey of reverence. “They both listened in silence to water, which for them was not just water, but the voice of life, the voice of being, of perpetual becoming”. Hermann Hesse, Siddhartha


The Upland Sergeant – Mario Rigoni Stern’s Story di Tommaso Brugin e Federico Massa – 52’ – Italy 2022

Regional Preview

A journey between present and past, rich in testimonies and reflections, to tell the story of the writer Mario Rigoni Stern (1921-2008). During an imaginary day, from dawn to the starry night, his voice, taken from an extensive archive, recalls the years of war and imprisonment. The Sergeant of the Alpine troops, having returned home, over time became the Guardian of the Asiago plateau, and his homeland assumes the value of a world to be preserved against wars and indifference.


At the end of the screenings, we toast together with roasted chestnuts and wine.

All the documentaries in competition on November 18th are visible in streaming on the docacasa.it platform at the page https://festivalmentelocale.docacasa.it starting from 10.00 am on November 19th for the following 24 hours.


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Free admission




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