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  • 19.00: La moda del liscio
  • 20.15: It s Just Another Dragon
  • 20.30: Song of the wind
  • 21.30: Silence on the riverside

Screenings of thursday november 17th 2022

Screening schedule of the second day of the 9th edition of Mente Locale – Visioni sul territorio, the first italian festival dedicated to the discovery of the many ways of describing a territory with documentary cinema language


Competion – Online

Nowhere People by Zhandong Ma – 4h 13’- China 2022

Italian Premiere – o.v. with english subtitles

A colossal documentary shot between 2005 and 2020 that returns images and living conditions of the Golden Triangle. During the land reform and Cultural Revolution in China, many people fled to these lands, which became the largest gathering place in the region for people of Han nationality. A place of the marginalized, an “enclave” without identity. The story of the generational cycle of “drugs”, the difficulties of the people in a place where survival is the only goal for the people who live there.

Nowhere People will be on streaming on the platform docacasa.it https://festivalmentelocale.docacasa.it starting from 10.00 am of november 17th until 10.00 am of november 20th.


From 7.00 pm

La moda del liscio by Alessandra Stefani – 71’- Italy 2021

The moments of the last day of glory of an old crooner, champion of the “Liscio Romagnolo”, become the choral story of large and small characters of this genre, poised between decadence and the desire to survive. Eccentric, visionary, authentic and a little crazy: they created the imagination of a place and a people who never stopped singing and dancing.


It’s just another dragon by Taymour Boulos – 15’54’’ – Hungary

Italian Preview

Upon arriving in Budapest from a declining Lebanon, a young filmmaker meets a Hungarian storyteller who was once forced to leave. Together they weave a layered visual story, each bringing their own stories and exchanging words. A film about traveling, and how stories can save us.


Song of the wind by Soudabeh Beizaei – 60’05’’ – Iran 2022

European Preview

The documentary tells the story of Pegah, a young Iranian music lover who lives in a society that imposes numerous restrictions on women, to whom she does not yield.
Pursuing his artistic and musical dreams, Pegah meets Master Taher Yarveisy, one of the players of the tanbur, a traditional instrument with which sacred songs are performed, who lives in a northern city of Iran, Gouran. Pegah has the opportunity to live with the Master for a while to learn the tanbur, and becomes the narrator of the Master’s last days of life.


Silence on the riverside (Silencio en la ribera) by Igor Galuk – 72’ – Argentina 2022

Regional Preview

The last chronicle of the Argentinian writer Haroldo Conti on the ghostly island of Paulino de Berisso, published in April 1976, a month before his kidnapping and disappearance. The documentary revives that chronicle on the Argentinian island and retrieves film material, establishing a link with the present of the place.


All the documentaries in competition on November 17th are visible in streaming on the docacasa.it platform at the page https://festivalmentelocale.docacasa.it starting from 10.00 am on November 18th for the following 24 hours.


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