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  • 20.30: Akouchetame
  • 20.45: In light
  • 20.55: Transhumances

Screenings of wednesday november 16th 2022

Screening schedule of the first day of the 9th edition of Mente Locale – Visioni sul territorio, the first italian festival dedicated to the discovery of the many ways of describing a territory with documentary cinema language


From 8.30 pm

Akouchetame by Federico Francioni e Gaël de Fournas – 15’ – Italy 2021

Regional Preview

A narrator writes a letter in which he tells a story that is close to him: that of Latifa, a young woman who in losing her father Abdellaziz loses the world that has shaped her identity. The trajectory of the film is a fairy tale, the elaboration of a mourning; the fleeting impression of a world that is about to transform itself definitively.


In light by Alice Fassi – 7’36’ – Italy 2022

A tale of the teachings of the Universal White Brotherhood, of the annual ritual at the Seven Rila Lakes in Bulgaria to celebrate the new spiritual year and of Paneurhythmy, a dance made up of a series of movements linked to the cosmic rhythm. Between documentary and visual story, alternating archival material and new footage, we enter the life of a community devoted to light, born in Bulgaria at the beginning of the twentieth century.


Transhumances by Andrea Mura – 52’ – Italy 2021

Regional Preview

The film tells the great migration of Sardinian shepherds in Tuscany in the 1960s. A little-told Italian story of work, social conflicts and emancipation in the transition from sharecropping to industrialization. Transhumances is a choral story that is the discovery of the landscape, of the countryside, of an activity still deeply rooted in the practices of pastoralism grappling with the challenges of contemporaneity, but also the story of men, of transhumance and of communities that reconstitute themselves despite the sea.


At the end of the screenings, free tasting of Sardinian products

All the documentaries in competition on November 16th are visible in streamingon the docacasa.it platform at the page https://festivalmentelocale.docacasa.it starting from 10.00 am on November 17th for the following 24 hours.


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