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  • 14.30: The sower of stars
  • 15.00: Amuka
  • 16.15: Veil
  • 17.00: The Children of the Sleeping Giant
  • 18.20: Anaklia
  • 18.30: Where the roe deer swim
  • 19.30: A Tale of Grafting
  • 21.00: The yellow queen

Screenings of saturday november 19th 2022

Scheduled screenings of the fourth day of the 9th edition of Mente Locale – Visioni sul territorio, a festival born and raised in the territories of Bologna and Modena dedicated to the discovery of the many ways of describing a territory with documentary cinema language


From 2.30 pm

The sower of stars by Lois Patiño- 25’ – Spain 2022

Regional Preview

Distant lights reveal the outlines of a city, Tokyo. Illuminated ships cross the water with people asleep on board and the night seems to become liquid. The Star Sower wakes them up and travels with them around the city. They talk about this and that, and they say goodbye to everything.


Amuka by Antonio Spanò – 71’ – Belgium 2021

The Democratic Republic of the Congo could feed almost one out of two people on earth, yet one out of six Congolese suffers from hunger, despite the fact that agriculture in that country involves 70% of the population. Faced with this paradox, the peasants group into agricultural cooperatives. Some of them share their daily life, that one of all those they represent: even if they do not know each other, they live thousands of kilometers from each other and are involved in different agricultural sectors, their voices sound compact.


Veil by Irene Felici – 43’31’’ – Italy 2021

Regional Preview

“Veil” is the story of a woman who chose to be a cloistered nun. The approach to a choice, the religious one, imposes “conventions” and “rules” of life in a time, such as today, where the physical and inner appearance seems to be the basis of everyday life, an appearance also regulated by unbridled use of new media.


The Children of the Sleeping Giant by Lorenzo Pallotta – 70’ – Italy 2021

Few people remain in the mountain village of Intermesoli. The young Simone, the unspoken heir of memories and ancient traditions, takes on the responsibilities of the town. Not far away lives Filippo, a hermit and individualist, who, far from everyone, tries to rebuild himself and his faith.
Simone and Filippo, bound by oppressive silences, come to terms with internal limitations and compromises under the watchful gaze of a people who, unwittingly, overwhelm their life and their destiny.


Anaklia by Elisa Baccolo – 6’10’’ – Georgia/Italy 2022

Italian Preview

Anaklia, a newly built city overlooking the Black Sea, bordering Abkhazia (which formally declared independence in 1999), was to become one of Georgia’s main tourist resorts. However, the tourists who come here find themselves in a place that deviates from the imaginary of the city-resort.


Dove nuotano i caprioli by Maria Conte – 58’30’’ – Italy 2021

Regional Preview

The waters of Cadore tell different stories: they have inspired ancient cults and popular legends, they have shaped the landscape, the life of the communities and the economy of the area. From the mid-twentieth century the history of the hydroelectric industry becomes dominant: the sacrifice of the Piave-Boite-Vajont river is necessary for the modernization of the country, according to a project that will be both strategic and dramatic.


A Tale of Grafting by Sandro Bozzolo – 78’ – Italy 2022

Regional Preview

The story of a silent but formidable battle to recover the centuries-old chestnut groves and their tradition. In the Piemontese village of Viola Castello only the ‘castagnere’, old harvester women, remained. Their memory recalls a past where life revolved around chestnut trees, a legacy that has now almost completely disappeared. Ettore, filmed by his son Sandro, changes the destiny of the valley through grafting: he gives the existing plants new life, changing a story that seemed already over. Grafting is also human: the valley is repopulated, a new future for the new generations. Through a tradition that has never disappeared, grafting brings the chestnut groves of Viola Castello back to life.


The yellow queen – A road movie by Lucio Arisci – 87’ – Belgium 2021

From Cologne to the capital of Mali, Bamako, 4.475 miles aboard a yellow bus, on the routes of an unexpected solidarity, underground and semi-clandestine trade. A road movie through which (re)discovering Africa and its contradictions, but also broadening the horizons of us Western citizens towards a broader and more sustainable vision of the consumer society.



All the documentaries in competition on November 19th are visible in streaming on the docacasa.it platform at the page https://festivalmentelocale.docacasa.it starting from 10.00 am on November 20th for the following 24 hours.


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